Innisfree's History

(1920's town site)

Settled in early 1900’s, the Puckette family built the first home and named the settlement "Delnorte".   The word Delnorte has Spanish origins and was chosen by the youngest daughter of the Puckette family to symbolize "the North".   After the railway was built in 1905, Delnorte became a trading center for the people as far away as the North Saskatchewan River.

Visited by Sir Byron Walker, President of the Bank of Commerce, who, in 1905, proposed a new bank if the name was changed to "Innisfree" This was brought on by the fact that Birch Lake, located just south of the Community, reminded him of  his summer home "Lake Isle of Innisfree" in Ireland.    The prefabricated Bank of Commerce was built in 1906 followed by the villages incorporation as Innisfree in 1911.

From then on the Village began to expand and grow, boasting six elevators at one time, along with numerous shops, including a meat market, a drug store and even an ice cream parlor.  The area was also know for it's summertime resort, Birch Lake.  This Lake and beach area were host to several important recreational events that drew crowds from all over the area. Innisfree's' history is rich with memories and a detailed account of the past can be accessed by purchasing the history book at the town office.