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History of the Museum
Catch a glimpse into the domestic past of Two Hills...
Learn the hardships your ancestors were forced to overcome in order to survive...
What makes the Two Hills Museum unique?
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Written by Christie Grekul

The Two Hills and District Historical Association came to function after a very successful history book, "Down Memory Lane", was printed in 1986 about the history of Two Hills and surrounding area. The book was made possible by the generous donations of clubs, businesses, organizations, and individuals in the district. Also by a small voluntary group that worked together like a family for 3.5 years to produce one of the best organized and written history books in Alberta. The committee consisted of many well known individuals from Two Hills and the area, included Mike Kostek (Editor), Steve Miskiw, Andrew Gorgichuk, Alice Miskiw, Anne Shchurek, Stephen Mulka, Mike Pawliuk, Lillian Basaraba, Theresa Thompson, Mary Wysocki, Victoria Kushniruk, Nestor Hryciw, Nick Olinyk, and Gladys Haag. These people voluntarily dedicated their time and skills to develop an extraordinary book that produced exceptional sales.

With the sizable bank account that was left after the expenses it was decided that the committee should continue to recognize and preserve the history of Two Hills. After contacting many families in the community they soon discovered that many of them had treasured artifacts that they would be willing to donate to a local MUSEUM.

This was when the idea of the formation of the Two Hills Museum began to form. The only problem was to find a suitable and affordable building to begin the development. This problem was solved as the abandoned hospital was donated to the Two Hills Chamber of Commerce. Together with the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations such as Family Community Services, Day Care, Play school, Business Development, and the Historical Association soon renovated the building. The Old Hospital was converted into a Community Centre, so services of non-profit organizations such as the Museum could be possible.

Since 1988 the Historical Association has received over 3000 artifacts. All these artifacts are labeled with the name of the donor. The artifacts are reminders of the communities early beginnings, reflections of our roots, and they bring into perspective the hardships and sacrifices our ancestors had to suffer through. Artifacts include everything from books, catalogues, dishes, clothes, and food packages to ploughs, a steam tractor, the first house, blacksmith shop, and fire engine in Two Hills.

Since 1990 almost 2000 people have visited the Two Hills Museum. People from all over Canada have stopped to relax and visit the exhibits. Most people who visit the Museum are surprised and quite astonished by the end of their tour. They think it is spectacular that a small town like Two Hills is able to preserve its immense and diverse history in such a profound way.

The Two Hills Museum is open July and August on weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm and on some weekends from 1:00pm-5:00pm. Booking a tour is not necessary, but if you are planning to come as a large group and want to book a tour contact Steve or Alice Miskiw at 657-2379. The Museum is located on 5019 51 Street in Two Hills, Alberta.

We hope to see you soon because we are looking forward to giving you a tour into the past.

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The Two Hills Museum...
opens doors to the Past, Present, and Future.

Catch a glimpse into the domestic past of Two Hills...


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This picture shows a small portion of household items that the Two Hills Museum has on display.Dishes, cameras, clocks, and radios are a few of the items present for your viewing pleasure.










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This picture shows some Ukrainian cushions and cloths done in embroidery. Many of these hand-crafted articles were brought over from the Ukraine in the early 1900's, while others were crafted by the local elders in the Two Hills area.






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This is one of the many rooms in the Two Hills Museum set up as a theme room. This hospital room is fully equipped with the necessary items that a real hospital room would have had many years ago. Along with the hospital room  the other theme rooms include a kitchen, a tool shed, a library, a sewing room, and a church.





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Learn the hardships your ancestors were forced to overcome in order to survive...

Agriculture was the way of life in the past, but accomplishing the work that had to be done was never easy. Sometimes the machines available to help with farm work were more of a hassle than a help.

wpeF.jpg (12078 bytes)This picture shows a steam tractor that was used for field work in the early 1900's. This tractor was constructed in about 1912. The size and weight of this steam tractor made it hard to run and operate. It took more than one man to keep the water full and the coal burning, while even more men were needed to steer the tractor. It was first owned by Toder Grekul then it was sold to Dmetro Kupchenko in 1919.Dmetro Kupchenko kept the tractor in running condition for his whole life. Because of the great condition it was in, he was offered a lot of money for it, but he refused to sell it. Instead in his will he left the care of the steam tractor in the hands of the Two Hills Museum.


wpe13.jpg (20983 bytes)This is an original blacksmith shop that was once in use in the Two Hills Area. It is equipped with most of the machines and tools that were available and used by blacksmith's in the past.






wpe10.jpg (19797 bytes)In this picture there is a old Rumly tractor and a threshing machine both of which were used for working the fields, planting the fields, and harvesting.  These machines were hard to operate and unreliable, but to the men working in the fields they saved them a lot of time and manual labor.




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What makes the Two Hills Museum unique?

Over the past 10 years the Two Hills Museum has received many unique artifacts all of which have been restored and displayed. Items such as the peach oven, the caboose, and the first home ever built in Two Hills all make the Two Hills Museum one of a kind.

wpe12.jpg (22604 bytes)This picture shows the baking of bread in the peach oven. Every year the members of the Historical Society plan a day where they bake bread and sell it to the public. Many people love this event because the taste of the homemade bread straight out of the peach has an unimaginable flavor that so many people have never experienced before. Sometimes the bread is sold in whole loaves and other times it is served with jam and butter in slices to the attending public.



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This picture shows the caboose in its restored form. When the caboose was donated to the Two Hills Museum it was in quite rough shape. The paint was peeling and the rust was beginning to set in, but with a few supplies and a some volunteer work the Historical Society was able to repaint it and restore it to almost brand new condition.




wpeB.jpg (27640 bytes)This is a picture of the first home ever built in Two Hills. It has been restored and is practically in living condition. Considering the age of the house it is in spectacular condition. It is completely furnished and decorated, so when you step into the house it is like you are stepping into the past.


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A Parking lot B Area of indoor museum exhibits
C First home built in Two Hills D Peach
E Caboose F Tractors and discs
G Blacksmith shop H Open machine shed
I Well pump J Ploughs
K Threshing machine L Ploughs
M Machine shop N Steam tractor

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