Availability and Price Range: There are usually several houses listed for sale in Two Hills, as well as a number being sold privately. Prices range from $15,000.00 to $180,000.00, depending on age, size and other features.

Currently, about 90 serviced lots are available for sale, at an average price of $5,000.00.

Two Hills has a mobile home park.  Several rental lots are available at $85.00 per month.

Vacancy Rates: Vacancy Rates for residential rentals are:

Town Houses (single bedroom) 100 %.
Four-plexes (2-bedroom) 25%
Apartments (2-3 bedrooms) 0%

Building Permits and Housing Starts: There were no housing starts in 1996. The value of building permits for 1996 was $72,000.00. There were a total of five building permits issued

Taxation: Taxation (1996): Residential - 24.55 Mills. Non-Residential - 27.90 Mills
(1997): Residential - 25.50 Mills. Non-Residential - 35.00 Mills