County of Minburn


The following Communities are included in the County of Minburn: Innisfree, Lavoy, Mannville, Minburn, Ranfurly, Vegreville, and Warwick.


Information About the County of Minburn



The County of Minburn is situated in the parkland area east of Edmonton. It straddles the Yellowhead Trans Canada Highway 16 and is headquartered in Vegreville. Consisting of 37 townships, it spans an area of approximately 55 miles east to west, and 30 miles north to south.  Email: 


The County offers residents a relaxed, yet vibrant, lifestyle as a result of both urban and rural influences. Two major centers -- Vegreville in the west and Mannville in the east -- and the smaller communities spread throughout the County ensure an excellent availability of supplies and services. Towns and villages are of a manageable size, with well-established education, cultural and social services. There is also affordable housing in a variety of price ranges.

Churches also play an important role in the community life. Places of worship representing all faiths are located in the towns and rural areas. The spiritual faith of all ethnic groups has been present since the pioneering days in the County, and is apparent in the people's willingness to lend neighbors a helping hand.

The County of Minburn is THE place to establish a new business or expand an existing business. There are fully-serviced industrial parks and prime downtown office space. Transportation is never a problem, since the County is a natural center for road, railway and air traffic. It is situated one hour from either Edmonton or the Saskatchewan border.


The County is also a tourist destination, given its proximity to the Yellowhead Trans Canada Highway. Part of the Lakeland Tourist Zone, the County has some of the finest recreational opportunities in Alberta. In addition, the County of Minburn's excellent leisure facilities attract major sports tournaments. The facilities encourage family participation and allow for year-round recreation programs. In addition to organized recreation, the County offers a diverse outdoor experience at its campgrounds, picnic sites and parks. Hunting and fishing attract both residents and visitors.

The County of Minburn is noted for its tremendous range of multicultural activities. Service clubs, agricultural societies and community halls are centers of activity. Arts and cultural groups such as a community band, light theatre group and craft guilds have started up in recent years.