Local Crafts

Cultural Craft Cooperative

With the efforts of the Lamont-Two Hills Business Development Corporation and interested crafters in the region an outlet has been established in which to sell their crafts, as a group from which to share ideas.  They have successfully been operating since April of 1998.  The Cultural Craft Cooperative is always looking for talented crafters with quality products to join their ever growing network.   


Crafters and Artisans Network

The Crafters and Artisans Network is a group of talented individuals who have shown interest in coming together as a cooperative to sell their arts and crafts to the general public.  The Crafters and Artisans Network came together in September of 1999, as a result of the efforts of VALID (the Vegreville Association for Living in Dignity), the Lamont-Two Hills Business Development Corporation, and interested members of the community.  Currently 13 members strong, CAN also features works from individuals involved in the Community Access Program through VALID, allowing them an outlet in which to display their talents as well.  The Crafters and Artisans Network offers a variety of unique wares, including woodworking, painting, knitting, and other handiwork.

Membership in the group has brought many benefits to each member individually.  The purpose behind the cooperative is not to compete with one another, but rather to compliment each other's products, as well as provide a wealth of experiences and knowledge in which everyone can share.

Because of their cooperative efforts and spirit, CAN has been quite successful.   Nonetheless, they are always interested in adding new members to the cooperative.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the Crafters and Artisans Network, please contact:

Rachel:   (780) 764-2299
Debbie:   (780) 632-6668

Regional Antique, Craft and Collectible Stores

Bruderheim Fashions Bruderheim 4703-48 St. (780) 796-3521
"Donkey Dreams" Art Gallery Bruderheim 1 mile East of Bruderheim (780) 796-3008
L.A. Sewing Centre Lamont 5028-50 Ave. (780) 895-2599
La Galeria Lamont 5038-50 Ave (780) 895-2101
Flowerpot Lamont 5036-50 Ave (780) 895-2599
Lavoy Antiques & Collectibles Store Lavoy 5001-50 St. (780) 658-2344
Avon & Creative Memories Mannville   (780) 763-2172
Village Treasures Mannville 5009-50 St. (780) 763-2202
The Chicken Coop Mundare 5103-50 St. (780) 764-3727
U Do It Crafts Mundare 5036-50 St. (780) 764-2644
Basilian Fathers Museum Gift Shop Mundare 5419 Sawchuk St. (780) 764-3887
Myrnam Woodcraft Myrnam Main Street (780) 366-2141
Anne's Crafts & Eggs Vegreville 4114-48 St. (780) 632-4603
Ceramic Cottage Vegreville 5019-50 St. (780) 632-4400
Cherished Impressions Vegreville 5034-50 St. (780) 632-7997
Cotton Pick'n Quilt & Gift Shop- Craft Supplies Vegreville 5146-51 Ave (780) 632-2342
Couture's Creation's Vegreville 4201-48 St. (780) 632-6532
Veg Tel Engraving Ltd. Vegreville 5022-50 St. (780) 632-2512
Town and Country Flowers Two Hills 5001 Diefenbaker Ave (780) 657-2373
Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Gift Shop 25 minutes east of Edmonton on Hwy 16 (780)662-3640

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